StreetSide Developments is Winnipeg’s leading condominium developer. In South Winnipeg’s Bridgewater neighborhood, 90% of the condominiums are built by StreetSide, resulting in StreetSide being a popular residential choice for Chinese consumers.
StreetSide’s story goes back over 65 years, and is ‘rooted in a tradition of passion, quality and trust’. StreetSide is not only building great projects but also provides top customer service and a reliable warranty system.
StreetSide is always looking for ways to improve their Chinese customers’ service experience. The company has engaged in Chinese marketing campaigns to get advertisements to this demographic, has held open-house events specifically for Chinese consumers, carried on a Projects Tour for the Chinese community, and developed a website in Mandarin to provide the Chinese demographic with more accurate information about the company.

Xiaoyu Financial was established in July, 2017, and is currently the first Chinese-owned insurance brokerage in Manitoba, providing professional consultation and services to Mandarin-speaking clients. The sole mission of the company is using their professionalism and credibility to best meet the needs of their clients. As of December 2017, the company has served over 120 families in Winnipeg with 100% retention rate.

Xiaoyu Financial does not only focus on creating business but is also a big contributor to the community. The company organizes non-profit seminars and client appreciation events on a regular basis. It also is a keen sponsor for events in the Chinese community and has a standing relationship with the Manitoba Chinese Community Center and Winnipeg Harvest.

Paul, a special education teacher by profession, is a local artist in Winnipeg. He represented Canada in the Watercube Cup for Overseas Chinese Singing Competition in 2017, competed in the World Championship of Performing Arts in 2015, winning gold medals in all categories he competed in, and was selected as the Hometown Hero for Manitoba featured in a Tim Hortons television commercial in 2012 after competing in Canada’s Got Talent.

A family of pure Chinese descent who migrated to Canada from the Philippines, Paul is an active participant in a variety of Filipino, Chinese and Canadian community events. He often participates in shows and fundraising events with artists of different nationalities where he inspires others through his passion for singing and performing.

Paul believes that music extends beyond entertainment. He strives to inspire, empower and support others using music as his platform. Since 2015, Paul has been hosting his annual solo Concert for a Cause, engaging non-profit organizations, families, youth and children from the community. In 2017, he donated a total of $10,000 to the Military Family Resource Centre and General Wolfe School, whose students performed during the show alongside the Royal Canadian Navy Band of HMCS Chippawa and other younger children from the community. Aside from producing the Concert for a Cause, Paul provides children and youth an opportunity to showcase their talents with the hope that they will keep pursuing their gifts.

The Coldwell Banker (est. 1906) is ‘the oldest and most established residential real estate franchise systems in North America’. Maggie has an excellent reputation among the Chinese community as being a great realtor to the new Chinese immigrants of Winnipeg. Her patient demeanor makes customers comfortable from the first meeting to the final purchase.

Maggie’s philosophy is to ‘provide exceptional customer service experiences for home buyers and sellers in English and Chinese.’ Being bilingual has helped bridge the gap between English and Chinese clients, as there is no misunderstanding when the contract is created.

Her service is truly limitless, extending far beyond a simple property transaction. She introduces parents to the Winnipeg School Division and ensures that the parents’ desired schools have availability within the desired grade; she also goes as far as informing her clients where the most convenient bus stop is!

Whenever she sells an older house, she provides her clients with information on home renovation and provides guidance until they are comfortable. She always has referrals from her past clients and has greatly contributed to the success of Chinese immigration in Manitoba.