Awards – Description and Nominees

Nomination Introduction

This year in Manitoba, the four Manitoba Chinese Gala (MCBG) Awards honour individuals and companies with excellence in community service, customer-service, visionary start-ups and top service providers for the Chinese community. We would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to all this year’s nominees; your dedication to superior service has resonated with the local Chinese community in Manitoba. The value of an MBCG Award is powerful in terms of its endorsement of value and vision, and the ability to boost recognition within the community.

Awards Procedure:

  1. Review the award evaluation criteria for each category and write a paragraph explaining why the individual or company you wish to nominate would be the best fit for that category. Submit the online nomination form on this page.
  2. Once the nomination form is received, the nominator will be sent a questionnaire to complete providing details on the nominee.
  3. The gala organizing committee will compile all the nominations and forward it onto the judges.
  4. The judges will vote for a winner in each category.
  5. We will shoot a short video with the top 3 finalists.
  6. The winner will be presented with the award on stage at the MCBG in February 2018.

Nomination deadline: December 31, 2017

Purpose of this Award:
To recognize a company, Chinese or non-Chinese, that has been ranked as a top service provider for its dedication to superior service. Votes exclusively reserved for the local Chinese community.


  • This company is established for at least three years.
  • The product(s) or service(s) of this company has greatly benefited the voter’s quality of life, such as it has made one’s life more convenient, provided a greater selection of goods, shortened wait times, or have gone beyond the norm to help individuals out.
  • This company exhibits a welcoming and friendly customer-service oriented business environment.

Purpose of this Award:
To recognize a new Chinese start-up company that has had rapid growth and a positive contribution to the Chinese community in its 1-3 years of operation. All essential criteria must be met in order to be eligible for an award.


  • At least 50% of this company is owned by a Chinese stakeholder.
  • This company is in its 1-3 years of operation.
  • This company shows emerging potential via areas such as sales growth, management, job creation, new client/customer retention, customer service, innovative use of technology, geographic expansion, unique HR practices etc.

Purpose of this Award:
To recognize a Chinese individual, from a service-oriented sector, who is not only dedicated and creative in problem solving, but also strives to exceed customer expectations among and beyond the Chinese community.


  • Demonstrates a level of understanding and compassion for the Chinese clients
  • Reference(s) from past clients (if possible)

Purpose of this Award:
To recognize an individual, Chinese or non-Chinese, whose community involvement has demonstrated a significant contribution to the Chinese community. The contribution could come from within and/or outside workplace (e.g. through mentorship, volunteering, donation).


  • Organizes and inspires other Chinese members to participate in Chinese community events
  • Volunteers a significant amount of time toward Chinese community developments
  • Donates or leverages a significant amount of funds towards Chinese community development
  • Actively involved in mentorship to Chinese individuals or immigrants (for example, career counselors, settlement workers)
  • Demonstrates initiative within the workplace to get other individuals involved in the community

Chinese Consumer Choice Award

Moray Collision and Glass

Moray Collision & Glass is a community-minded business in the automotive industry and specializes in collision repair and glass replacement. They have state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled technicians ready to assist those in need.

Moray’s motto is ‘A place where your handshake counts!’ They pride themselves in being a ‘one-stop convenience shop’ with personalized customer service and a “customer comes first” philosophy.

Moray understands how difficult translating car problems and accidents can be. Moray’s Chinese staff are knowledgeable in interpretation and have been effective in bridging the communication gap between MPI and their Chinese clients about the events of a claim. This has led to fewer headaches and more positive experiences for both the businesses and the individuals getting their vehicles repaired.

Centennial Animal Hospital

Centennial Animal Hospital (CAH) offers veterinarian services in the South end of Winnipeg. They offer a wide variety of medical services for their patients and excellent boarding and grooming programs. From simple physical exams and vaccinations to complex surgeries, CAH provides step-by-step information to the pet owner to make sure they understand every procedure and are well taken care of.

Their company’s philosophy is ‘to provide excellent companion animal wellness, medicine and surgeries for our patients and clients in a caring, compassionate way’.

CAH makes an effort to disclose all information available to pet owners so they can make informed decisions about their pets. For Chinese owners, two Mandarin-speaking staff act as translators between doctors and pet owners regarding available treatments and concerns that pet owners have regarding procedures or terminology. Furthermore, CAH has created a WeChat account to communicate specifically with Chinese pet owners, allowing them to use a social media platform that they are accustomed to use to book appointments, and receive consultations on their pet’s behaviour and dietary requirements. In addition, CAH tries their best to accommodate emergency cases and makes time to console and explain to customers in great detail every procedure. Customers do not feel rushed even when the clinic is very busy.

Streetside Developments

StreetSide Developments is Winnipeg’s leading condominium developer. In South Winnipeg’s Bridgewater neighborhood, 90% of the condominiums are built by StreetSide, resulting in StreetSide being a popular residential choice for Chinese consumers.
StreetSide’s story goes back over 65 years, and is ‘rooted in a tradition of passion, quality and trust’. StreetSide is not only building great projects but also provides top customer service and a reliable warranty system.
StreetSide is always looking for ways to improve their Chinese customers’ service experience. The company has engaged in Chinese marketing campaigns to get advertisements to this demographic, has held open-house events specifically for Chinese consumers, carried on a Projects Tour for the Chinese community, and developed a website in Mandarin to provide the Chinese demographic with more accurate information about the company.

Midland Appliance World

Locally owned and operated Midland Appliance World has been serving the Winnipeg area since 1972 with great deals and outstanding service on home appliances. Since Midland recruited its first Chinese sales representative, they have become recognized as a reputable retailer of home appliances amongst the Chinese community.

Their motto is: ‘People who appreciate the very best in quality, service, product, and price shop at Midland Appliance World.’ Offering the lowest price guaranteed and encouraging individuals to ‘Meet the Owners’ are just a few ways that Midland differentiates itself from the competition.

Midland also recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and has contributed to a number of charities over the years including, but not limited to: The Arthritis Society, Cancer Care Research, The Children’s Wish Foundation, Grace Hospital, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Pembina Trail School Division, Salvation Army, Winakwa Community Center, the Winnipeg Firefighters Fire Fighters Burn Fund, and the Winnipeg Police Association. They are also an official charity sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) of Canada. Being a local business, the team at Midland Appliances understands the importance of being involved in the community.

New Emerging Chinese Company Award

Xiaoyu Financial Group 汇通金融

Xiaoyu Financial was established in July, 2017, and is currently the first Chinese-owned insurance brokerage in Manitoba, providing professional consultation and services to Mandarin-speaking clients. The sole mission of the company is using their professionalism and credibility to best meet the needs of their clients. As of December 2017, the company has served over 120 families in Winnipeg with 100% retention rate.

Xiaoyu Financial does not only focus on creating business but is also a big contributor to the community. The company organizes non-profit seminars and client appreciation events on a regular basis. It also is a keen sponsor for events in the Chinese community and has a standing relationship with the Manitoba Chinese Community Center and Winnipeg Harvest.

Jiatoo Immigration 加途移民

Winnipeg has many immigration companies – one may say too many, and it must have taken special talents for Jiatoo to join the game. Jiatoo Immigration was founded in 2017 and specializes in family sponsorship applications.

Authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to provide its customers with professional advice and representation, Jiatoo assists with both routine and complex family immigration applications, as well as applications for students studying abroad. Clients hire them for many reasons – from challenging cases that need expert advice, to simple cases where saving time and having piece of mind are key, they handle it all. “Service for customers!” is their motto.

Tianlong Landscaping Company 大地美景

Bob Xue started Tianlong Landscaping Company in 2015. It is one of the few Chinese landscaping companies in Winnipeg that offers a comprehensive range of landscaping services. Bob believes in the value of ‘doing-it-all’, eliminating the need of working with multiple contractors. Clients can go to Tianlong Landscaping for all services, including: lawn care, snow shoveling, garage, patios, decks, fences, sunroom, pergolas, pool, fountain, and even roofing and house exterior maintenance.

The company’s mission is to build a beautiful, functional and easy-to-maintain outdoor space for clients to enjoy for years to come. The company is currently serving 7 neighborhoods: Tuxedo, Lindenwood, Richmond West, Fort Richmond, South Pointe, Bridgewater Forest and St. Vital, with 70% Chinese customers. After 2 years in operation, Tianlong Landscaping has expanded to an 8-employee team, enjoying healthy growth and a good reputation.

Customer Service Award

Derrick Li

Streetside Development

StreetSide Development is the leading condominium developer and builder in Manitoba. Derrick Li has been a realtor for StreetSide for 2 years and specializes in finding the right home for customers.

Derrick’s work philosophy involves treating every customer uniquely. ‘Like a fingerprint’, he recognizes that no two customers are alike and it often takes getting to know the individual in order to provide them with the right options.

In addition, Derrick has great attention to detail. An example of this is after every Open House event, he makes sure to send a follow-up email to every single attendee, regardless of their interest in the product he is offering. One can expect that Derrick is always on top of things.

Derrick has worked very closely with the Chinese community and makes them his focus customer group. Derrick cares about his clients genuinely and is always willing to offer a helping hand. He is dedicated to his work and is very open to answer any and all questions his clients may have. One client Derrick had was a recent immigrant to Winnipeg who did not know much about the city or how to access its resources. Derrick helped by providing her with the essential information about the city before she arrived, picked her up from the airport, and helped her look at prospective condos and rental properties. As he put it, he ‘understand(s) the feeling of moving to a strange city and knowing nobody…I just wanted to make her move easier.’

Enzo Huang


The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is a leading Canadian-based global financial institution that values trust, teamwork and accountability. Enzo has been a CIBC mortgage specialist for four years. He is currently ranked No.1 on the Winnipeg team in lending volume.

Enzo’s philosophy is ‘The client (always) comes first.’ This is clearly shown through Enzo’s work with clients, as he works tirelessly to make sure that he has done everything possible to aid those in need of his services.

Enzo does his magic with difficult mortgage cases and customers sincerely appreciate his help. He shows empathy towards his clients and is not judgmental making customers feel comfortable to talk about their financial situation. In addition, Enzo has been actively hosting home-purchase information seminars at his branch with Chinese realtors, insurance brokers and lawyers as guest speakers to further aid Chinese clients in their transition to Winnipeg.

Gaoxiang Bi

Vickar Nissan

Vickar Nissan is ‘your premier dealer of new and used Nissan vehicles’. Gaoxiang Bi works at Vickar Nissan in sales, aiding the Chinese community in selecting the vehicle that best suits them based on their wants and needs.

Gaoxiang’s work philosophy is ‘your vehicle is not only transportation, but also a symbol of your lifestyle.’ Gaoxiang understands his clientele, leading to many satisfied customers. He makes sure every customer finds their perfect vehicle with no hustle, and enjoys their new car with peace of mind.

Gaoxiang believes that the delivery of a new vehicle to the customer is just the beginning of a pleasant experience. He takes the time to remember every customers’ name and makes sure to follow up with them after their purchase. Building a relationship with the client is common-sense to Gaoxiang, resulting in many loyal customers for Vickar Nissan.

Joe Liu

Winplus Immigration

Winplus Immigration was founded in 2013 as an all-service immigration agency. Joe Liu started at the company in 2014, and has been promoted over the years to become the Vice-President and a licensed Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant. He primarily consults with clients on their immigration and international education issues and aids in establishing and maintaining a client-management system for the immigration application process.

His work philosophy is: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ He approaches every client impartially and with empathy, giving each of them personalized service. This has aided in his role as Vice-President where he has taken charge of all human resource management, office management and training of employees and developed agents.

Joe has also been involved in a number of community initiatives, including organizing many Winplus volunteers to participate in a variety events over the years, such as the Chinese passport renewal service held by the Chinese Consulate General, various Chinese festival galas and so on.

Maggie Yang

Coldwell Banker Realty

The Coldwell Banker (est. 1906) is ‘the oldest and most established residential real estate franchise systems in North America’. Maggie has an excellent reputation among the Chinese community as being a great realtor to the new Chinese immigrants of Winnipeg. Her patient demeanor makes customers comfortable from the first meeting to the final purchase.

Maggie’s philosophy is to ‘provide exceptional customer service experiences for home buyers and sellers in English and Chinese.’ Being bilingual has helped bridge the gap between English and Chinese clients, as there is no misunderstanding when the contract is created.

Her service is truly limitless, extending far beyond a simple property transaction. She introduces parents to the Winnipeg School Division and ensures that the parents’ desired schools have availability within the desired grade; she also goes as far as informing her clients where the most convenient bus stop is!

Whenever she sells an older house, she provides her clients with information on home renovation and provides guidance until they are comfortable. She always has referrals from her past clients and has greatly contributed to the success of Chinese immigration in Manitoba.

Community Service Award

Shane Li

Pinawa Economic Development & North Forge East

Shane is the President at North Forge East Business Incubator, the Economic Development Officer of the Municipality of Pinawa, and an Instructor at the University of Manitoba Asper School of Business. Within his workplace, he has been promoting economic development, business development and entrepreneurial development.

Shane Li has only been in his role for one and a half years but is already making great strides to create changes in the community.  His key initiative has been the development of the North Forge East Business Incubator (NF East). The establishment of NF East has led many local Chinese entrepreneurs and investors the opportunity to learn about this platform and access resources with professional assistance in terms of financial, legal, business operations, etc. from North Forge Technology Exchange.

What’s more, Shane Li led a Trade Mission to China to inspire interest from Chinese investors in the region and he works with Chinese local government/institutions to bring new projects to Canada, which creates potential opportunities for the community in the future.

Paul Ong


Paul, a special education teacher by profession, is a local artist in Winnipeg. He represented Canada in the Watercube Cup for Overseas Chinese Singing Competition in 2017, competed in the World Championship of Performing Arts in 2015, winning gold medals in all categories he competed in, and was selected as the Hometown Hero for Manitoba featured in a Tim Hortons television commercial in 2012 after competing in Canada’s Got Talent.

A family of pure Chinese descent who migrated to Canada from the Philippines, Paul is an active participant in a variety of Filipino, Chinese and Canadian community events. He often participates in shows and fundraising events with artists of different nationalities where he inspires others through his passion for singing and performing.

Paul believes that music extends beyond entertainment. He strives to inspire, empower and support others using music as his platform. Since 2015, Paul has been hosting his annual solo Concert for a Cause, engaging non-profit organizations, families, youth and children from the community. In 2017, he donated a total of $10,000 to the Military Family Resource Centre and General Wolfe School, whose students performed during the show alongside the Royal Canadian Navy Band of HMCS Chippawa and other younger children from the community. Aside from producing the Concert for a Cause, Paul provides children and youth an opportunity to showcase their talents with the hope that they will keep pursuing their gifts.

Yueshu Li

Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies

Yueshu is the current President of the Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies and has been a volunteer for over 10 years. The academy was co-founded by a team of Chinese parents on a volunteer basis in 1974 in a church basement. It was the first Chinese School in Manitoba that teaches Mandarin and Pinyin (the pronunciation/spelling system for Chinese language), and is the most influential Chinese school in Manitoba today.

Yueshu has been dedicated to Chinese language education within the Chinese community for many years. He believes it is important for children to learn the language, know the culture, and understand Chinese tradition in order to develop respect for Chinese origin, as well as build confidence and self-esteem within the community. He highly encourages parents to send their children to school to take Chinese language classes, and shows them how their children will benefit from Chinese language study.

Yueshu has been a key player in leading the community to provide Chinese language courses based on donations and limited student tuition. Even operating within the constraints of a limited budget, the academy still manages to provide scholarships to motivate student participation. Additionally, the academy participates in cultural events such as Folklorama, Chinese Choir, China Town Street Festival and co-organizes summer camps for students. As a non-profit organization, the Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies offers cultural study courses in addition to language courses, in subjects such as martial arts, fine arts, dance, choir, calligraphy and Tai-Chi. These wonderful efforts have helped preserve Chinese cultural heritage in Manitoba.